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Monday, April 19 2021

Marion's highly acclaimed book The HeART of Laser-Focused Coaching: A Revolutionary Approach to Masterful Coaching is power packed!

Its full of "unprecedented" concepts and information that will help all coaches to transform their coaching, no matter what their level.

We will get to hear these concepts in-action as Marion coaches a real-world coaching session.

Afterwards we will discuss with her how the concepts played out in her session and ask any question.

Join us Thursday April 22 from 1-2pm EDT.

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Friday, March 19 2021


Join us for this fascinating look at an underutilized tool that can provide profound transformation for the coach!

And find out it how it may benefit the client.

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Friday, March 12 2021
My Circuits Were Blown!

I seem to be in the right space and the right place recently to have my circuits blown. My limiting beliefs are being exposed. And that place is "right" because it's allowing me to actually see something other than my belief, in action, followed by the remarkable results.

My latest experience occurred while hearing Tara Nolan's coaching session. The questions she asked her client were powerful and fascinating to me. They were so succinct and like a laser beam focused on what the client said she wanted. As coaches, of course we want to stay focused on what the client wants and not get interested in things that will just be a distraction. Hearing this session though, I have to say rocked my world. Who knew that attempting to clarify could possibly turn out to be just a distraction!

For example, there were times where I wasn’t clear on what the client was saying and would have asked for clarification or reflected back my understanding to make sure I was on the same page. Up until this session, I would have thought that was imperative. But with the specific laser beam type of questions Tara asked, the clarification that I felt was essential, wasn’t needed at all. In fact, I can see how it may have muddled the route and it certainly would have taken up more time. 

They say our normal patterns have to be disrupted in order for new awareness and learning to take place. Well disruption has occurred for me! And I am very grateful. Thanks to the Master's modeling, I now have among other things a more expansive and deeper understanding of focus and distraction.

To read more about Tara's session  (the client scenario and controversial topic and participant take-aways, look under the "MCC Exam Sessions" tab)

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