Amorah Ross MCC

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 Amorah Ross MCC   

Amorah Ross MCC
Transition, Transformation & Spiritual Coach

My Past Areas of Work Experience

A professional career that spans more than 40 years and a wide variety of industries, including consumer finance, legal services, wholesale electrical, aerospace, hospitality, public accounting services, residential construction, commercial property management and coach training. 

My Coaching Philosophy 

Whether you’re an executive, business owner/entrepreneur, budding professional, parent, son/daughter, or community volunteer, underneath it all you’re a human being. 

My work is to support you in bringing your soulful humanity out so that it serves you as the guiding light for all that you do. Never again must your humanity get buried or compromised amid the often-conflicting  demands of the various roles you inhabit day by day. 

Passionate about celebrating human wholeness as your birthright, I am a Transformative Coach for those who choose to show up in their careers and live their lives from their authentic core essence and beyond the limitations of traditional thinking. Your inner wisdom, unique self-expression and authenticity are brought forward through my powerful questions, forthright communication, and insightful observations, all of which help you create heightened awareness and effectiveness in both your leadership roles and on your life’s journey. 

You have the opportunity to gain absolute clarity as I listen keenly without judgment and, with gentle rigor, hold you accountable to your values, goals and vision. Together we create a safety zone of trust, accountability and effective action from which you look deep within for clarity about your work and day-today life to attain whatever brings you joy and fulfillment. 

When you’re ready to purposely and powerfully claim your authentic leadership, act in alignment with your values and make decisions sourced from your heightened awareness and innate wisdom, I’m committed to joining you on an exploratory field of possibility that is limitless, safe, nurturing, joyous and meaningful. 

Coach-Specific Training and Certifications 

. Member, International Coach Federation (ICF), 1997-Present 
. Foundations Coaching Course, Coaches Training Institute (CTI), 1997 
. Certified Living Your Vision® Licensed Facilitator, LYV Enterprises Inc., 1998 
. Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Academy for Coach Training (now known as inviteCHANGE), 1999 
. Certified TeleClass Leader, TeleClass International, 2004 
. Certified Discover Your Vision™ Licensed Facilitator, Academy for Coach Training (now known as 
  inviteCHANGE), 2005 
. Certified Now What? Life Blueprint™ Facilitator, The Life Blueprint™ Institute, 2005 
. ICF Professional Certified Coach designation (PCC), 1999-2005 
. ICF Master Certified Coach designation (MCC), 2005-present 
. ICF Credentialing Assessor, International Coach Federation, 2005-present 
. Coaching Leaders in Organizations Training, inviteCHANGE, 2008 
. Certified Mentor Coach, inviteCHANGE, 2009 (I also created this first-of-its-kind course) 
. Systemic Coaching, John Whittington-Coaching Constellations, 2014 

Professional Coaching Activities & Expertise 

. Positive Life Works™ 
Founder, Coach, Mentor Coach, and Coach Trainer 1997-present 
. inviteCHANGE Senior Trainer, Curriculum Designer and Mentor Coach, 1999-2014 
.inviteCHANGE Director of Training, 2005-2008 
. ACTO (Association of Coach Training Organizations) Board Member and President-Elect, 2005-2009 
. inviteCHANGE Co-Owner, 2006-2010 
. ICF Credentialing & Program Accreditation Committee Member, 2007-2011 
. ICF Credentialing & Program Accreditation Committee Vice-Chair, 2010 
. ICF Credentialing & Program Accreditation Committee Chair, Q1 2011 
. ICF Washington State Chapter Board Member: Director of Programs, Credentialing and Education, 2010
. ICF Washington State Chapter LIFE COACH OF THE YEAR 2012 
. ICF Washington State Chapter ACES AWARD WINNER 2014 [ACES=Advancing Coaching Excellence & 
. ICF Credentialing Assessor, 2005-present 
. ICF Global Standards Core Team, 2012-Present 


Book 2008, Roadmap to Success: America’s Top Intellectual Minds Map Out Successful Business Strategies, a compilation of articles on strategies & tools for personal and professional success, coauthored with BJ Levy, PCC 

Articles Published: 

May 2013 Coaching World Magazine, “The Heart & Soul of a Mentor Coach” 
Sep 2012 choice Magazine, “Enhance Your Coaching Excellence through Mentor Coaching” 
Sep 2011 choice Magazine, “Gateway to Coaching Artistry” 
Aug 2010 choice Magazine e-Newsletter “Confessions of a Mentor Coach: The Power of the ‘Pure’Coaching Process”, 4-part series, co-authored with Janet Harvey, MCC 
Jun 2010 choice Magazine e-Newsletter, “Catapult Your Coaching: Engage with a Mentor Coach” 4-partseries, co-authored with Janet Harvey, MCC

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