Coaching Certification Prep

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Are you preparing for coaching exams for certification?

Or perhaps just looking to deepen your skills and understanding?

The Prep Pack is an exciting way to do that!


"Since I have joined your world of MCC calls it has become my world, and I have observed a genuine shift in my skills and views of being a masterful coach. I must say that being with you in this journey has boosted my confidence in applying for my MCC credentialing. Moreover, your support and recommendation of the right preparation was spot on. When I heard the prep pack, the amount of knowledge and skills was truly a value for the money, as a matter of fact it was priceless... it has had a positive impact on me and it has encouraged me to apply for my MCC."
~ Aref AlMubarak PCC

What's in the Prep Pack?

  • 2 MP3 recordings @75 minutes each
  • 2 International Coach Federation (ICF) Master Certified Coaches. Both of whom are also ICF Certified Mentor Coaches and one is an ICF Assessor. So there is no one better qualified to help us through this process:
  • 2 ICF CEUs

What's different about the Prep Pack from other MMC calls?

  • This is 100% exclusive material and you won't find anything like it anywhere else
  • The calls are with just the 2 Master Coaches and myself
  • We get to hear 2 MCCs who "don't mince words" coaching each another (@30 minutes each) 
    • They are real, honest, raw and vulnerable coaching sessions 
    • Annie and Fran each came to their call with a genuine issue 
    • It wasn't staged, rehearsed or talked about in any way prior
  • Then we have the exciting privilege of hearing: (@40 minutes each)
    • 2 MCC level coaches debriefing the coaching 
    • Talking about process
    • Discussing their experience 
    • Answering my questions

What are some of the things the Prep Packs' 2 MP3s demonstrate and discuss?

  • what it takes to pass exams 
  • ACC, PCC, MCC distinctions & examples 
  • how to take insights to deeper level                     
  • trusting self, client and process 
  • self management 
  • mirroring/parallel process 
  • letting go of being attached 
  • trusting intuition            
  • being bold/taking risks 
  • being present 
  • constant redirecting attention to client
  • deep listening/beyond & under the words 
  • the ebb and flow of a session 
  • the dance 
  • real partnering 
  • never about the coach, all about the client
  • directive vs collaborative        
  • what it takes to be an MCC/masterful 
  • the who vs the what 
  • the competencies 
  • meeting the client where they are 
  • getting out of the way 
  • reflection that opens the space 
  • giving the client space and time 
  • how to create a safe, deep, rich space 
  • willing to be wrong 
  • matching the clients energy
  • knowing how your client works 
  • acknowleding on a deeper level 
  • what creates lasting change for a client 
  • holding the silence 
  • beside the client, not behind or pulling 
  • how to create trust
  • creating awareness
  • breakthrough 

In addition to masterful, I was truly amazed and in awe at how open, honest and real these women were. So much to be learned from that alone!

 Prep Pack I
2 MP3s + 2 ICF CEUs (RD)