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Read what coaches from all levels of expertise are saying about Moore Master Coaching & having the opportunity to hear the masters & the pioneers of the coaching industry actually coaching "real world" sessions:

Thanks Gail.  Just wanted to let you know I received my MCC today!  Yahooo!!!! Listening to these calls really helped.  Thanks so much for making this available."~Benita Stafford-Smith, MCC Executive Coach

"What a thoroughly enjoyable and educational journey and with immediate effect.  In my own coaching, I've found myself applying more of what I've taken away from the various calls; and really steeping myself more deeply in the competencies during sessions. Thank you for the opportunity and the learning." ~Lisa Chamely-Aqui, MS PCC, LCA Partnerships, LLC

“There is a no more cost effective way to maintain your credentials, gain something of real value for yourself and bring to your clients” ~Victoria Cook, ACC The Guilt-Free Coach

"I listen to Moore Master Coaching calls daily as I go about preparing lunch or dinner in the kitchen. And every time I listen, I learn something new. These calls have been tremendously important for my coaching practice. Thank you again!" ~Ann Voli, Peace of Mind coaching with Ann Voli

"May I say again how much I am enjoying the rich opportunities you are providing through listening to master coaches. I appreciate your efforts to support professional coaches to keep stretching, growing and deepening our coaching skills."~Jackie Black, PhD, BCC,   

"Thank you, the call with Sue today was great! I so appreciate what you are doing, this is really amazing as where else do we ever get to hear MCC’s coaching, or anyone coaching for that matter except ourselves?  I am very excited about being a subscriber to what you are making available."~ Ann Farrell, CPCC, PCC  Founder and President, Quantum Endeavors®.

"This past August 2011, Moore Master Coaching celebrated its first year in serving the coaching field and it’s a privilege to share my recommendation for the work that Gail is bringing to the world in bringing mastery to our amazing profession. As I celebrate my 8th anniversary as a professionally trained coach, I am deeply grateful for the coaching calls provided by the Masters. By participating in the calls I have experienced the tangible benefits of sharpened skills, additional tools in my tool kit and ICF continuing education credits. The intangibles I have received are invaluable: renewed sense of passion, commitment, focus and vision. It’s my opinion that EVERY coach needs to be “plugged” into Moore Master Coaching; this should be a non-negotiable way of investing in yourselves and your clients! Shannon Bruce, CPCC, PCC The Leadership Collaborative"

" I listen to Moore Master Coaching calls daily as I go about preparing lunch or dinner in the kitchen. And every time I listen, I learn something new. These calls have been tremendously important for my coaching practice. Thank you again!" ~Ann Voli, Peace of Mind coaching with Ann Voli

“I was coached years ago by Thomas Leonard, (“the father of coaching”) the founder of Coach U. He said the one thing wrong with coaching education is that it doesn’t provide a series of sessions by master coaches from different niches that you can listen to and understand the different rhythms and styles and the needs of the different types of (coaching) conversations. It’s a major gap in the coaching training, you don’t get to hear what a good session is suppose to sound like.  I believe you are carrying Leonard’s legacy forward with this series.” ~Master Coach Ronnie Noize, Marketing Coach, SoHo Marketing Guru

"I'll be on the calls. I find it stunning to experience both the variety and richness of the coaches/coaching you are finding for us. The Coaching Profession is really such a treasure trove. Thanks so much, Gail."~Donna G. Robbins CPC Life in Full Bloom, Transformational Life Coaching, FL 

"My niche is heart transformation. I am in awe, we just witnessed a demonstration of how you can get a client there so quickly. I don't even know what to say, I am just so thrilled. It's been a huge missing piece for me and I just heard it! Thank you." ~Lynn Nason, Heart Empowerment Coach, Canada

"Thank you for your insightful and very helpful idea of the Master Coach series. After graduating from a reputable coaching school in 2009, I still wasn't sold on the idea of having a coach - I still thought I could do this on my own. After all, I am a coach, too. After listening to one of the Master Coaches in your series, within 30 minutes, I was able to see a structure around my thoughts, and put these into a plan of action. I was finally able to move forward on an issue that had been weighing on me for many months. A thirty-minute call not only gave me insight into how I can finally address a professional sticking point, but it gave me great tools that I can apply in my own coaching practice. You open the door to a practical, effective, and enlightening teaching tool that shows listeners how truly effective coaching can be - with real-life examples. It's invaluable." ~Denise Zdunczyk, MA, CPC, Founder-LogicSteps Coaching

"What I most appreciated from a coaching standpoint was Darlene's ability to stay with Tricia and not analyze – rather through reflection and mirroring, keep her focused and moving forward. Thanks so much for this – am so looking forward to Conversations #3 and #4"~Kathryn Stolle, SLK Wellness Concepts

That’s a problem we have as coaches—we don’t get to hear others, especially the great ones, do what they do.  That’s why your program is so important." ~Master Coach Alan Seale, Leader & Transformational Coach, Founder and Director of the Center for Transformational Presence

Gail!!! The call was fabulous, I was in a trance! Thank you, I am still listening to it.  I can’t believe it has already started to affect my coaching! Again, really THANK YOU, very much appreciate what you are doing and looking forward to “moore"!. ~Ruba F.H.CPC Personalized Life Coaching, Switzerland

"Dr. Nadler was fascinating, I learned a ton and it was very enjoyable. I also appreciated the insight into Emotional Intelligence, and an application for using it in the real world. I just loved being a witness to a Master coaching session, with full capacity to just listen and really hear both sides of the session. I found it invaluable as a coaching student and as a professional."~ Marla McGatlin VP Client Services, Solairus Aviation & training to be an executive, life & spiritual coach 

“Im excited and inspired by what you have created, by what you are doing”~Cynthia Loy Darst, MCC Life Coach, The Inspiration Point

Gail with Moore Master Coaching has developed a straightforward way to hear master coaches in action.  Listen to them actually coach.  Because of her, I was able to hear Michael Myerscough!  I was inspired by Michael. I was very impressed with his coaching.  He was elegantly simple.  I thought he was very effective.  And I agreed with everything he said about coaching and therapy, since I come from a counseling background. And I am inspired by Gail.  She made it all possible!  Thanks for connecting all the dots, Gail!" ~ Caron MacLane, Circle Coach & Consultant

This (hearing great coaching sessions) is one of the things that I think is essential for the development of coaches. Coaches just don’t coach in front of anyone else, it’s the whole judgment thing. This is  a magical opportunity to extend their knowledge base and learn different ways (of coaching). Congratulations on developing your dream and contributing to a much bigger place which is about the extension of coaching. Coaching is about the spirit of helping another to develop and that is exactly what you are doing” ~Master Coach Angela Bird, Personal & Executive Coach,Cornerstone Coaching International

"Just what I needed to hear! For me this was an example of a more challenging session. And it showed that with listening, exploration and having the courage to change directions as often as needed (of course combined with masterful skills and techniques) you will find that transformational entry point. Talk about a change in perspective, I have gone from dreading this scenario to looking forward to the possibilities- thanks!"~ S.B., Life Coach, Vermont

"Collaberating in coaching particularly for the purpose of learning and development is very special...Thanks for this opportunity Gail, I love what it is you are doing here."~Meryl Moritz, MCC Executive Coach, Meryl Moritz Resources

"Even non-coaches in the helping professions will benefit greatly from hearing the techniques that these Master Coaches use on the calls. In fact, I can't think of anyone period who wouldn't gain a lot in both their professional and personal lives." ~Ellen Cameron, RN, CRRN, QRP, Indian Harbor Beach, FL

I want to thank you Gail for organizing these calls. What a gift and a service this is to the coaching industry. Because we need to keep gathering and sharing with each other different styles, methods and techniques of coaching." ~Master Coach Patrick Ryan, Executive, Entrepreneurial & Personal Coach, Awakened Wisdom 
"All I can say is WOW!!! Working with Master Coach Alan Seale was such a transformative experience. I had an incredible breakthrough in our 30-minute session that has truly left me feeling liberated from old thought and behavior patterns. As a result, I feel more courageous about making decisions that are beneficial for both my mother and me. I cannot thank Alan and Moore Master Coaching enough for this golden opportunity to step into my own power." ~Florence, VA

"Thank you once again Gail for the amazing opportunity you invited me to participate in. Keep up your great work!"~Sue Sheldon, MCC, Executive, Business & Life Coach, The Learning Continuum

I found myself totally captivated by your "Preview Call" I felt so uplifted! I loved hearing (Ms. X) speak about coaching and her experiences. And what a tremendous treat to be a "fly on the wall" for her live coaching session. Yes! This is a wonderful opportunity you are offering us. Thank you and count me in for your future calls." ~Donna G. Robbins,CPC Fearless Living/Fearless Aging, Transformational Life Coaching, FL

"I have already listened several times to Michael´s audio and each time I get something new out of it. I want to congratulate you for this great initiative. Being able to listen to master coaches on the job is something I have been missing in my coaching training. When I was learning to draw and paint, I would spend hours copying the works of the great masters. While I soon developed my own style, this practice was invaluable to me. It not only informed my eye but, as you so rightly put it, I have been inspired by the greatness of the Masters. When I was training as a stress management instructor, I had the opportunity to assist superb instructors. Again, I was inspired to stretch. And now you have made it possible for us budding coaches to be inspired by master coaches. Thank you so much!
 ~Ann Voli, Spain, Stress Management Coaching

Enjoyed listening to Wendy's (Terwelp) coach approach as well!  What I really appreciate is that your program gets me to stop for an hour and get outside of my work. It is both a treat and provocative to be able to hear other coaches doing their great work." ~ Ann Farrell, CPCC, PCC  Founder and President, Quantum Endeavors®.




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