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 July 2021 Call   



Ebru Goksu Yildirim BEc, MCC, CPCC, ORSC, NLP
Executive, Leadership. Mentor & Coach Supervision

Thursday July 22, 2021  12-1:30pm EDT
(The call provides 1.5 CEU's. A password will be given before the end of the first hour for those who can't stay on and want the 1 CEU. Another password will be given before the end of the call. Those looking for the 1.5 must have both passwords.)

This is a different kind of MMC call

On this call Ebru is allowing us to hear one of her coaching sessions that passed the ICF MCC exam! She will then be sharing her mentor's feedback of the session, debriefing and answering our questions!

Call + MP3 + ICF & BCC CE's + Special Bonus + MMC Nugget-(different ways to get the most out of the calls or any class & apply to your life & business)

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Ebru is an empowering, creative, and growth oriented ICF Accredited MCC and Certified Professional Co- Active® Coach. She has been coaching individuals, executives and teams since 2011 by staying true to her life-purpose of ‘unlocking potential’.

One of her key skills is being able to meet her clients exactly where they are, holding them there just long enough to show how resourceful they are and to increase their capacity to grow. She works with her clients on mindset and energy levels by focusing on their being and doing. She truly believes this is the path to transformation and professional empowerment.

Ebru is a faculty member of Academy of Executive Coaching and trains, mentors coaches and provides coaching supervision. Some of her other coaching credentials include Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSCTM), AoEC Executive Coaching, and Systemic Coaching and NLP"

Ebru Goksu Yildirim MCC full bio


Inside the World Of Master Coaching

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Welcome Coaches!

To the quickest, easiest and most cost effective way to coaching mastery and maintaining your credentials- ICF & BCC 

When you listen to a Master Coach coaching, you are not only inspired, you learn so fast & can incorporate the Master Coaches techniques, skills or ideas into your own repertoire almost instantly.

Even if you only walk away with one powerful question, one new tool or insight- you are a better coach.

Its extremely important for our growth as a coach to expand our horizons and expose ourselves to as many different styles, rhythms and techniques of coaching as we can.

And there's no juicier, more inspirational or fun way to learn & connect with the mind stream of our wonderful profession.

So come hear the elite, the pioneers, unarguably the best Master Coaches in the world
as they coach real people from all walks of life in real time, discuss their process and answer your questions.

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Even the Masters themselves listen to their peers
for growth and inspiration

"I have searched far and wide for great resources to continue my learning as a coach, especially looking for opportunities to hear exceptional coaching and learn from it in an interactive way that advances my skills and expands my knowledge about how master coaching should look. My “find” this year is Moore Master Coaching, which is a very affordable but very well-presented monthly opportunity to listen to a variety of Master Coaches coach, and then to debrief that coaching with other committed coaches."
~Executive Coach Joelle K. Jay, MCC

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The following are Moore Master Coachings terms and conditions of service: (1)  all sales are final and  Moore Master Coaching does not give refunds; (2)  if there is any technical or other glitch or for any reason the call cannot be completed as scheduled, it will be rescheduled as soon as possible with that same Coach or another Master Coach; (3) if the call is delayed due to unforeseen technical difficulties, if possible it will be extended to complete the full hour; (4) if any problem you experience is the result of your own phone or web connection, MMC cannot be held responsible; (5) MMC makes every effort to provide the highest quality recordings possible, however due to circumstances out of our control the volume and clarity of the call(s) may vary; (6)  MMC will endeavor to have as many of your questions as possible answered by the Master Coach; and (7)  the Master Coaching calls will be recorded. If you are coached by the Master Coach or choose to speak, your presence and/or participation on the call constitutes your knowledge, release, and consent to the recording and subsequent use of your voice and statements without compensation now or in the future: and (8) Moore Master Coaching does not store any credit card numbers or personal information.  All processing transactions are done through 1 Shopping Cart..

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