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 Past Calls   

Welcome to the Moore Master Coaching Library of Past Calls!

Hear Master Coaches demonstrating coaching via "real-world" sessions, then debriefing their process and answering questions.

Something to ponder...

Why would a coach want to listen to master coaching sessions in all different styles and even niches different from their own?

Why would a landscape artist view or study the work of Picasso and Rembrandt?

Why would a jazz artist listen to Beethoven and The Who?

Why would a yoga teacher study and examine the poses of masters from all different traditions?

Answer: The desire for mastery!
Become masterful through modeling- one of the most powerful & fun forms of learning.

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FYI: Some of the Master Coaches have very little or no feedback posted and that's because they were guests prior to my having the CEU form for participants to fill out.