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Welcome to the Moore Master Coaching Library of Past Call Audios!

THE Master Coaching Demo Depot!
Hear Master Coaches demonstrating all different kinds of "real-world" coaching sessions, then debriefing their process and answering questions.


This Month's Moore Master Coaching's Gratitude Spotlight!

This was one of our exciting and unpredictable live coaching sessions where we witnessed and learned from Dora's moment-to-moment process.

"I loved how Dora reflected her own physical experience with what she was hearing; that brought a level of awareness to the client."
"This session is probably the most emotional one I can recall on MMC!  Dora handled the client’s emotions beautifully and adeptly, remaining compassionate and empathic throughout.  The session was an excellent demonstration of how to not shy away when difficult topics are presented in coaching."

You can read all about the call below in the "How to locate by niche" section, under the "Executive" tab.

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  • FYI: Some of the Master Coaches have very little or no feedback posted and that's because they were guests prior to my having the CEU form for participants to fill out.


Moore Master Coaching is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) to offer continuing education credits for the calls -both live and recorded.

  • Each one hour of the "recorded calls"provides one credit hour in the area of Resource Development
  • Some of the 90-minute calls provide 1.5 CEUs
  • Coaches are allowed up to 16 credit hours in this area

Please remember:

  • The "live" calls provide credit hours in the area of Core Competencies
  • The "live" calls also provide credit hours for the BCC credential

NEW!!! Can't make it to a live call but want the ICF core competency CEUs? Now you can get them!

1. This only applies to the calls in the current year.
2. Listen to the recording, take and pass the quiz by the end of the year- December 31, 2023.

Read more details here


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