Marilyn O'Hearne

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 Marilyn O'Hearne    

Marilyn O'Hearne MA, MCC
Executive, Leadership, Team & Mentor Coach

Marilyn O'Hearne is a Thomas Leonard Achievement Award recipient, is a globally experienced and recognized (since ’98) Culturally Intelligent Leadership, Team, and Mentor Coach, including for United Nations leaders. Marilyn provides a trustworthy, secure launching pad for rocketing from overwhelm to transformation. Her training and experience include US, UK and Bali based coaching programs, two years Systems training, living in Spain and Brazil and teaching, training, speaking and coaching extensively in Asia Pacific. This included serving as University Adjunct Professor in Hong Kong and Malaysia in International Business and Organizational Behavior. 

Her passion for intercultural competency in coaching led her to: Developing Culturally Intelligent Coaching Programs: both a Direct Communications Course (recognizing cultural differences) and a Culturally Confident Credentialing Mentor Coaching Program; 6 years, ICF Global Board of Directors, Association of Coach Training Organization's Board, ICF Advance Cultural Competency Advisory Team and co-authoring “The Intersection of Culture and Ethics” for Law and Ethics in Coaching. “It is impossible to not work interculturally!" Marilyn says, even locally. "Marilyn is a gentle, spiritual soul, and yet powerful and provocative at the same time.” (Coach trainee) Her Breaking Free from Bias book was published in 2017. Her blog continues to inspire and inform.

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