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 Lyssa deHart MCC   

Lyssa deHart LICSW, MCC
Narrative, Relationship, Mentor & Coaching Supervision

"I wasn’t always an author, a Master Certified Coach, a Narrative Coach, or an ICF Certified Mentor Coach. At one point, I had a thriving therapy practice supporting hundreds of clients. I was working with individuals, couples, and families in crisis. As you can imagine, this work was rewarding. Yet, I found myself struggling with the view of mental health through the lens of the medical model. There simply was more to my clients’ health and happiness than a correct diagnosis.

I found the words on this “About” page the same way you did. I sought them out on purpose.

In 2013, driven by a desire to put a plot twist in my own story, I closed my private practice and transitioned to professional coaching. This shifted my perspective, not only in how I saw myself and the work I wanted to do. It also transformed and cemented my belief in my clients’ ability to be wildly successful in reaching their dreams. As someone who spent 20+ years in a clinical setting, I can often see connections and patterns where my clients can’t. I have used my past experience to help my clients interrupt their negative internal dialogues. Holding the space to allow them to break the cycle of unhealthy or unproductive behavior. This disruptive spark is almost palpable; every client has a moment when they remember how whole, resourceful, capable, creative, and ultimately powerful they really are.

My work centers on helping you get curious and then get cracking.

In my work with clients, we are co-creators in this space. I ask provocative questions. You take ownership of your answers. I set the tone. You set the course. We explore what’s possible by lacing up our creative boots, packing your fundamental truths, and moving into uncharted territory. Most importantly, we get somewhere. And all the while, you heighten your awareness, develop needed tools, lay claim to your future, and confidently navigate the plot twists that inevitably come. This is your adventure, and you are the hero of it. And it’s about time.

Rewriting your internal narrative is hard, glorious, courageous work, and you have a story to tell.

The values you live by, the stories you tell yourself, and the ways you want to contribute and be counted in the world, all stem from your internal narratives.

I’m here to help you make your narrative a story you absolutely love.
Learn how I apply my philosophy across all of my coaching packages:

  • One+One Coaching
  • Craft Your Love Story
  • ICF Mentor Coaching

My Personal, Professional and Mentor Coaching Programs:

I’ve logged over 2,500 hours of professional coaching since I first launched as a life coach in 2008 (and this is in addition to the 20,000+ hours I logged as a Clinical Social Worker). Making the transition from Therapist to Coach has been one of the most important rewrites I have accomplished in my own life. The change has made a world of difference in how I’m able to help and how I empower my clients to help themselves.

In addition to my busy coaching practice, I’m always continuing my education and growing my knowledge base:

  • Certified EMDR Practitioner
  • NeuroLeadership/Results Coaching (ICF Accredited)
  • inviteCHANGE (ICF Accredited)
  • ICF PCC Marker Training

In addition to the above credentials, I am also a course leader and certified mentor coach for inviteCHANGE."

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