Rachel Dungan MCC

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Rachel Dungan MCC
Pharmacist, Wellbeing, Leadership, Mentor & Coaching Supervision

Known as 'The Pharmacist Coach,' Rachel is an experienced, award winning, international leadership and wellbeing coach, mentor and supervisor.  She mentors and supervises emerging and experienced coaches, mentors and healthcare professionals to put their own oxygen masks on first, thrive as a person and be a leader who inspires others to be and do their best.  

Rachel's mentees and supervisees come from a range of backgrounds, including healthcare, coach-therapists, executive and team coaches and those seeking renewal or upgrade of credentials with EMCC, AC or ICF.  

Since owning her first flock of pet lambs at the age of 7, entrepreneurship, leadership, health, wellbeing and mental fitness has always been at the heart of who Rachel is and what she does.  Her approach has been informed by her experience growing up on a farm, travelling and working with a variety of people in 6 continents, working in acute and mental health hospital settings, running a community pharmacy business and training, coaching, mentoring and quality assuring individuals and programmes within coaching and healthcare for the past decade, while being Mum to three children (now teenagers). 

As part of walking her talk, she is her own ‘patient zero’.  Her focus is to live in increasing integrity with personal leadership and wellbeing principles, and work with her clients to do the same.  

Rachel believes that who you are and what you do matters.  You are the person who is the coach, business owner, healthcare worker, activist, professional, leader, parent, child, friend, artist, athlete, spouse. Whether you acknowledge it or not, you have a profound ripple effect in the world.  That is why she is passionate about empowering, enabling, equipping, and engaging her clients to expand and grow, for the sake of being the difference that makes the difference to others.  

She believes we all need a safe, professional space to stay conscious in our professional practice, to practice with increasing awareness & integrity and to safe-guard against complacency or burn-out.  It is her honour and privilege to partner with courageous and truly inspiring professionals, as they navigate the challenges of personal and professional growth.  


To hear Rachek Dungan MCC master coaching demonstration on April 26, 2023, 12-1:30 PM Eastern.
If it's after April 26, 2023 just go to the past calls page and scroll down to one of her niche tabs, e.g. the "Leadership" tab.