Russell Heath MCC

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Russell Heath MCC
Personal Mastery & Communication Coach & Methodology Coach Trainer 

Russell works with high-performing professionals and entrepreneurs who are committed to excelling as executives and leaders. His coaching focus is personal mastery; that is, to develop in individuals the leadership, emotional intelligence, and resilience to drive the action forward—with deftness and humor—regardless of the circumstances.

He led non-profit mission-driven organizations in Alaska for many years before becoming a leadership coach. He is a graduate of Accomplishment Coaching, one of the nation's premier coaching schools, and he is a Master Certified Coach.

Convinced that coaches can be more powerfully trained, he started an intensive coach training program—the Master Coach Training Program.

Russell is educated in the humanities earning a BA in history at Brown University and an MA in English literature at the University of Maine. He brings a rare (in coaching) but powerful philosophical understanding of what it means to be human to his coaching.

He has written two novels; lived in Italy and Australia; traveled twice around the world—once overland and once, alone, by sail. When he left Alaska, he bicycled to Mexico via the continental divide. His next trip is to row around Newfoundland in a boat he is currently building.

Listen to Russell Heath MCC second coaching session that passed the ICF MCC exam. On 5/30/24, as never before we will be delving into and exploring the session in a really deep, hands-on way. 

Hear Russell Heath MCC first coaching session that passed the ICF MCC exam in the section "how to locate by different types of demos" under the "MCC exam sessions" tab.