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Fran Fisher MCC 

Master Certified Entrepreneur, Executive & Coach Mentor
Bonus: Additional 30 minutes for a skill drill on inquiry and an extra .5 CEUs

Coaching Scenario: Gary was a family physician and psychiatrist and is now an integrative wellness coach. He has been a client (coaching then mentoring) of Frans for a few years. They took a bit of a break and this is their first session since the spring.

Coaching Topic: Where and how to allocate his energy within the limits of the energy he has. He has a number of things he’s doing that he finds rewarding, enjoys and is at peace with but needs to figure out what to focus more time and energy on and what to let go of.

MP3 + CCE + Special Bonuses + MMC Nugget-(different ways to get the most out of the calls or any class & apply to your life & business)


OR $47 with the subscription 
(can cancel anytime*)

Some of the participant take-aways:

  • "Demonstration and validation of coaching at a level of true mastery."
  • "Noticing the questions the coach asked that were powerful in their simplicity. I will go back and listen to the call again and be conscious of the way she brought the client to explore deeper issues."
  • "Really powerful to learn the difference between MCC and PCC level use of reflection!"
  • "Wonderful call and demonstration of inquiry-wish we had longer to go through the 3 case studies for the skill drill"
  • "Great modeling of presence and new skill -Art of Inquiry" 
  • "The use of inquiry structure to keep the question alive."
  • "The "discipline" of "holding back" on the part of the coach
  • "This was a powerful reminder that clients have all the knowing they need inside them, we can't add any richness by leading or having an agenda for them, and that powerful questions are simple, short and open-ended."

Also check out Fran's 3 MCC call under the "3 MCC" tab on the past calls page

Annie Gelfand MCC 

Master Certifed Leadership & Mentor Coach
Bonuses: additional 30 minutes on the call for discussion and Q&A on How to Get Out of Judgment, powerful quote/instructions before beginning a session and some really "neat" freebies.

Coaching Scenario: The client was a teacher when she initially came to Annie back in 2005 and was coached for about a year. She decided to pursue coaching as a profession following their coaching together and has since retired as a teacher and is now a full time coach. She has taken a variety of classes with Annie over the years but this is the first coaching session they've had since that initial coaching engagement. 

Coaching Topic: Even after all the work she has done to become a coach and as much as she loves it all the marketing and having to put herself out there makes her want to run and hide. And she thinks do I really want to do this? Yet she loves being a coach but feels its too much work and is fearful she is not up to it.

MP3 + CCE + Special Bonuses + MMC Nugget-(different ways to get the most out of the calls or any class & apply to your life & business)


or $47 with subscription
(can cancel anytime*)

Some of the participants take-aways:

  • This was purest MCC level coaching demonstrated. Annies presence with her client was brilliant! I loved her question after the long silence Where did you go?
  • The reminder that as coaches--- what we offer the world is what we personally have the most challenge with.  
  • I appreciated the reminder about coaching the whole person not just focusing on behavior, outcomes and goals; and valuable ways to insure that we check any judgment we might have at the door. 
  • I work with couples facing life-threatening and chronic illness, and a reminder that masterful coaching includes holding the space for people’s experience is always valuable
  • How to apply masterful coaching through clear, concise, powerful questioning and deep listening. 
  • Thanks for a great call yesterday. I found it very powerful and helpful as I continue to develop as a career coach. Also, I appreciated how gentle Annie was, her voice softened when she was digging deeper about the emotions her client was expressing.
  • I found the call helpful, especially the discussion around using silence. I work very hard on that, as I often want to jump in when it gets quite. 
  • Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for in my learning and development as a coach.
  • Even master coaches finish a call and reflect on other paths they could have taken their client on. 
  • Remember to stay in the moment and trust that if you’re coaching from a place of love and possibility for your client, you can’t go wrong
  • Really liked the questions towards the beginning “What’s really under this?” and the end “What have you become aware of today?”

Also check out Annie's 3 MCC call under the "3 MCC" tab on the past calls page

Janet Harvey MCC 

Master Certified Corporate & Life Coach
Special Bonus: Video of a webinar Janet gave for ICF New England Chapter-Lifelong Learning Journey to Artful Mastery

Coaching Scenario: This client is not in the coaching profession. She has been coached in the past as an employee by a manager and has had some group business coaching. This was the 1st time that she and Janet had ever met or spoken. In fact Janet preferred not to know anything about the client or her topic before the session.

Coaching Topic: She's an action actress, fight coordinator, stand-up comic and an independent writer, director & producer. She needs to start another production company and to do so she needs to mentor with top producers, distributors and directors.

She wants help choosing the right people to partner with- those that she can work well with and depend on-- people who keep their word. Also how to motivate people to do what they say they're going to do.

MP3 + CCE + Special Bonus + MMC Nugget-(different ways to get the most out of the calls or any class & apply to your life & business)


or $47
with subscription
(can cancel anytime*)

Some of the participant feedback:

"What an incredible call today! Hats off to Janet."

"Janet was exceptional - she felt it wasn't as masterful, but I thought she was amazing - it was her calm, really holding her coaching space."

"I found this call most fascinating! It was masterful the way Janet Harvey used interruption to constantly refocus the client as Janet later said, "to hear her own strength". Truly masterful!  I will be listening to this recording many more times.  Of all the sessions I have heard  over the past 2 years, I found this the most intriguing. Being able to coach someone about whom one knows nothing, bar the information gleaned in the coaching session is truly masterful."

"The session was an opportunity for me to witness how a master coach leads a client from being a processor who reaches out for external answers to becoming a person capable of identifying her own internal strengths; it was also a demonstration of an approach that promotes a full development of both meaning and personal visions. The session brought to light the importance of uncovering intrinsic motivations: it was not the drive for money that has propelled the client to get involved with the production world but rather her wish to communicate/disseminate and educate for high moral standards. I found it inspiring to follow the ease and fluency with which the coaching conversation evolved."

Read Janet Harvey's full bio 

Also check out Janet's 3 MCC call under the "3 MCC" tab on the past calls page

Terrie Lupberger MCC 

Master Certified Senior Executive & Corporate Coach
Contributing Author: A Coach’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence and The Handbook of Knowledge-Based Coaching 
Bonus: Thomas Leonard's New Client Checklist

Coaching Scenario: Joseph is not in the coaching profession, has never been coached before and this is the first time he and Terrie have ever met or spoken

Coaching Topic: "I get 95% of a project completed, and then won't finish the rest. I
have several books that are "almost done". I wrote business plans and then shelved them. I can easily finish projects for other people and other businesses, but when It comes to me, I often let things fall by the sidelines.A lot of times I get distracted by new projects. What's the block, what is stopping me from getting things done? Im very skilled with lots of education, why cant I finish things?"

MP3 + CCE + Special Bonus + MMC Nugget-(different ways to get the most out of the calls or any class & apply to your life & business)


OR $47 with the subscription
(can cancel anytime*)

Some of the participant take-aways:

How powerful simply holding space for a client to explore really can be, especially when done with lightness!

I’m taking away joy with Terrie's coaching! Effortless, light & true impact.

Just that master's touch - giving power to the client, light but deep, EASY!

Terrie beautifully and lightly accompanied Joseph in his exploration...she articulated and pointed to areas that were coming up in the exploration that he may not have been aware of, to help him decide where to focus their time. He was really the ''star'' of this session. Also loved what she said about getting trapped as coaches listening too closely to the words but to listen to the energy as well as the words...loved that.

I am going to try to wear the metaphor of my client being the ''star'' and me being the able reflector and observer, lightly accompanying him on his journey and pointing things out along the way. I quite like that.

Continue to stay curious, get agreement from the client, check in with the client, acknowledge, and go deeper--not rush to strategies and/or problem solving.

Meg Mann MCC 

Master Certified Executive & Leadership Coach
Special Bonus: addtitional 30 minutes for Q&A

Coaching Scenario: The client has never been coached before and this is the first time that she and Meg have ever met or spoken.

Coaching Topic: She wants a way to figure out what she wants to do with her life "what to do when she grows up". She's had many careers and been very successful but doesn't know if she's ever been content. 

MP3 + CEU + Special Bonus (an additional 30 minutes of Q&A ) + MMC Nugget (different ways to get the most out of the calls or any class & apply to your life & business)


Or $47 
​​with the subscription (can cancel anytime*)

Some of the participant take-aways:

  • "I was surprised by Meg's humble attitude about her mastery. I could relate to her struggle with her perfectionism and confidence about her session. I appreciated her discussion about how natural that is as a coach, and how we often are very hard on ourselves immediately after a session thinking what we could have, or should have done differently. Her sharing her experiences of clients returning and reporting back the positive feelings they had the following week after the call, and the importance of just being with them in the process, and not being attached to the outcome, is something we all need to continue to work on, and I will remember listening in on this master. Thank you Meg, for your transparency."
  • "I really liked Megs consistent use of the clients own language throughout the entirety of the session. I loved how (in coaching with the client), she distinguished the difference between "best fit" "most sense" and "calling".  
  • "This coach was very "real" & a masterful accompaniment of the client, meeting her where she needed to be and creating a safe space for exploration." 
  • "Superb establishing the agreement"
  • "Loved Meg's transparency with her own process, encouraging us all to simply let go and trust the process....that's enough."
  • "I really liked Meg's technique of having the client write down the "ingredients to her recipe". That's where I heard a major shift in her thinking."
  • " Highly beneficial" 
  • "Great model of using energy on a phone call"
Meryl Moritz MCC 

Executive Master Certified Executive Coach

This call was second in a series of 3 teleclass calls customized for the Denver ICF chapter.  We had the extremely rare opportunity on this call to hear Meryl coaching one of her real life high level executive clients.You will receive the certificate for continuing education credit(s) in the area of core competencies. You can purchase Meryl's call individually for $59.97 or the series of 3 for a discounted rate $150.00 -see tab titled "ICF Series".

Coaching Scenario: Julie, the client for the call is an executive with a large global consulting firm.
She is a former client of Meryls, they worked together for @18 months 5 or 6 years ago.
Coaching Topic: Julie has recently moved into a larger, more expanded role within her company and has inherited a lot of internal conflict among team members. She wants coaching around forming a "leadership game plan"- to lead through change, to help inspire, motivate and create innovative thinking among her employees.

MP3 + CEU  + Special bonus  + MMC Nugget (different ways to get the most out of the calls or any class & apply to your life & business)


or $47 with subscription
(can cancel anytime with 30 day notice)

Marcia Reynolds Psy.D, MCC 

Master Certified Transformational Leadership Coach & Best Selling Author
Special bonus Marcia's ebook From the Pits to the Peak based on work she did around what it takes to make a big life change

Coaching Scenario: The client is not in the coaching profession, she has received some coaching in the past but this is the first time that she and Marcia have ever met or spoken.

Coaching Topic: "I am a successful Engineer working in corporate sales, who also owns a blossoming small business on the side. I know I have great potential in the corporate world, but have such a strong inner passion for entrepreneurship that I am constantly finding myself questioning what path I should be on. I would love to be coached about what path would lead me to my fullest potential."

MP3 + CCE + Special Bonus + MMC Nugget-(different ways to get the most out of the calls or any class & apply to your life & business)


or $47 with subscription

Some participant take-aways:

  • The power of reflection--reflecting back to the client key words and emotions can be as important as powerful questions. 
  • Great rapport, active listening, and eliciting client’s needs. The need to assess feeling towards identifying main topic and resulting course(s) of action. 
  • I admired Marcia’s confidence, her pace and how well she tracked with the client; how she held up the mirror and reflected back what the client had said so that the client could really hear her thoughts, beliefs, fears, and goals.
  • I love how the coaching conversation went deeper towards the end of the call, when the client realized that the real fear /the real question going on for the client is whether she will miss the opportunity to reach her full potential by not having clarity about choosing the right path. The coach then stood-for the client and what she said she wanted and reminded her by reflecting back over and over again.
  • Dr Reynolds spoke about financial freedom, it made me see that subject differently 
  • The value of the occasional closed question.
  • Great reminder of how little it can take to help folks break through fear!
  • Listening to the emotional energy that is coming from the client - especially regarding which direction to go in making a choice/decision
  • After listening to Marcia I am encouraged to continue to use closed questions for purposes of was a nice affirmation.
  • Marcia asked great questions…Very powerful. I was fascinated by the transition in the call--it seemed to go from a process-oriented approach to make a decision, and moved to a conversation that was very personal evaluation of her experience. It was a subtle transition

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