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Vicki Escude MA., MCC, BCC 

Master Certified Executive Leadership, Personal & Soul Conversation Coach
Bonus: 2 articles by Vicki-"Transformational Coaching A Real-Life Example of Positive Change" and to get “My Coaching Business: Myself!” which is about the limiting beliefs we have as coaches in terms of marketing ourselves.

Coaching scenario: This client is not in the coaching profession, has never been coached before and this is the first time that she and the master coach have ever met or spoken.

Coaching topic: She wants to connect with her vision on a more succinct level so she can move forward in turning my dreams into reality. She is a teacher and has a gift of being able to break down information in a way that is easily understood. She is charismatic- everyone tells her she is very inspiring and should be a motivational speaker. She feels due to her experience and her gifts she has a lot to share and offer. She's finding it difficult to decide where to focus and how to articulate what she does.

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Some of the participants take-aways:

  • I was very impressed with how Vicki got the client to move past her planned and prepared speech that she came to the call with. I can see how challenging that was, and I am walking away from this call with a great example of how to move a client like this to a much deeper level.
  • Inspiration from “observing” the elegance of “dancing in the moment” and the power of presence. Wow! 
  • A reminder of how important it is to be centered for both the client and coach. An inquiry/reflection for me re: how to work with clients who are in their heads
  • I loved the moment in the beginning of the call, when Vicki asked the client to take a moment to center herself before beginning coaching. She then asked her how does she usually center herself, which got the client to pull from her past experiences, which I think provided her a moment of comfort, I will definitely borrow this specific technique to use with my clients.
  • Vicki really was able to allow the client to find her own way. It felt uncomfortable for me as I listened understanding my primal urge to jump in and lead or guide.
  • Exploring more options rather than drilling down too quickly for a solution
  • Asking the kind of questions that allow the client to do the work
  • Technique of helping client turn off their repetitive thought patterns by focusing on their bodies.
Fran Fisher MCC 

Master Certified Entrepreneur, Executive & Coach Mentor
Bonus: Additional 30 minutes for a skill drill on inquiry and an extra .5 CEUs

Coaching Scenario: Gary was a family physician and psychiatrist and is now an integrative wellness coach. He has been a client (coaching then mentoring) of Frans for a few years. They took a bit of a break and this is their first session since the spring.

Coaching Topic: Where and how to allocate his energy within the limits of the energy he has. He has a number of things he’s doing that he finds rewarding, enjoys and is at peace with but needs to figure out what to focus more time and energy on and what to let go of.

MP3 + CCE + Special Bonuses + MMC Nugget-(different ways to get the most out of the calls or any class & apply to your life & business)


OR $47 with the subscription 
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Some of the participant take-aways:

  • "Demonstration and validation of coaching at a level of true mastery."
  • "Noticing the questions the coach asked that were powerful in their simplicity. I will go back and listen to the call again and be conscious of the way she brought the client to explore deeper issues."
  • "Really powerful to learn the difference between MCC and PCC level use of reflection!"
  • "Wonderful call and demonstration of inquiry-wish we had longer to go through the 3 case studies for the skill drill"
  • "Great modeling of presence and new skill -Art of Inquiry" 
  • "The use of inquiry structure to keep the question alive."
  • "The "discipline" of "holding back" on the part of the coach
  • "This was a powerful reminder that clients have all the knowing they need inside them, we can't add any richness by leading or having an agenda for them, and that powerful questions are simple, short and open-ended."

Also check out Fran's 3 MCC call under the "3 MCC" tab on the past calls page

Annie Gelfand MBA, CPCC, MCC 

Master Certifed Leadership & Mentor Coach
Bonuses: additional 30 minutes on the call for discussion and Q&A on How to Get Out of Judgment, powerful quote/instructions before beginning a session and some really "neat" freebies.

Coaching Scenario: The client was a teacher when she initially came to Annie back in 2005 and was coached for about a year. She decided to pursue coaching as a profession following their coaching together and has since retired as a teacher and is now a full time coach. She has taken a variety of classes with Annie over the years but this is the first coaching session they've had since that initial coaching engagement. 

Coaching Topic: Even after all the work she has done to become a coach and as much as she loves it all the marketing and having to put herself out there makes her want to run and hide. And she thinks do I really want to do this? Yet she loves being a coach but feels its too much work and is fearful she is not up to it.

MP3 + CCE + Special Bonuses + MMC Nugget-(different ways to get the most out of the calls or any class & apply to your life & business)


or $47 with subscription
(can cancel anytime*)

Some of the participants take-aways:

  • This was purest MCC level coaching demonstrated. Annies presence with her client was brilliant! I loved her question after the long silence Where did you go?
  • The reminder that as coaches--- what we offer the world is what we personally have the most challenge with.  
  • I appreciated the reminder about coaching the whole person not just focusing on behavior, outcomes and goals; and valuable ways to insure that we check any judgment we might have at the door. 
  • I work with couples facing life-threatening and chronic illness, and a reminder that masterful coaching includes holding the space for people’s experience is always valuable
  • How to apply masterful coaching through clear, concise, powerful questioning and deep listening. 
  • Thanks for a great call yesterday. I found it very powerful and helpful as I continue to develop as a career coach. Also, I appreciated how gentle Annie was, her voice softened when she was digging deeper about the emotions her client was expressing.
  • I found the call helpful, especially the discussion around using silence. I work very hard on that, as I often want to jump in when it gets quite. 
  • Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for in my learning and development as a coach.
  • Even master coaches finish a call and reflect on other paths they could have taken their client on. 
  • Remember to stay in the moment and trust that if you’re coaching from a place of love and possibility for your client, you can’t go wrong
  • Really liked the questions towards the beginning “What’s really under this?” and the end “What have you become aware of today?”

Also check out Annie's 3 MCC call under the "3 MCC" tab on the past calls page

Sam Magill MCC 

Executive, Leadership & Coach Supervisor for this call
Special Bonus: the call is extended for an additional 30 minutes to cover the elements below.

This was a different kind of call & an MMC first!
2 MCCs for the price of one!

  • Sam begins by talking to us about coaching supervision, his passion and area of expertise.
  • Then we hear Sherryl T. Christie coaching one of her real world executive clients
  • Sam then demonstrates what he talked about and actually supervises Sherryl
  • Finally there's a Q&A

Coaching Scenario: This client Mike is an executive and he and Sherryl have been coaching together off and on since 2011. They have been on a bit ofa hiatus and so this is the first session theyve had for about 7 months.

Coaching Topic: Mike says his pattern has been to micro manage and take on things that other people arent handling well but knows it’s not sustainable or in the best interest of anyone. He's given an employee a huge project but feels this employee has a similar pathology. The project is not going well and the team is having problems with him. Mike says he’s always been of the mindset “accomplish the mission at any cost” and tends to be a direct bottom line kind of guy. He really wants to know how to approach this differently so that he can help the employee to develop his skillset and grow while also accomplishing the goals of the company.

MP3 + ICF/BCC CE (given for the 1st hour) + Special Bonus + MMC Nugget-different ways to get the most out of the calls or any class & apply to your life & business


OR $47 with the subscription 
Can cancel anytime with 30 day written notice

Some of the participant take-aways:

Super-vision! Love it! Thanks to Sam and Sherryl for this learning experience! 
Gratefulness to witness 2 coaching sessions one being supervision of an MCC. Wow!
How, when direct communication is done with the intent of helping the client get back on track, it can be very powerful.
Thank you for integrating supervision and doubling the MCCs, I so appreciate the variety and complexity.
As Sheryl spoke about, I am often ahead of my clients and need to slow down even more.
Great to listen to the coaching session within the supervision context. How do you know when you are a good enough coach?? was an amazing supervision question. 
Paying attention to parallel processes in my coaching sessions...i.e. me doing with the client what he/she is doing in his/her life.
Continuing to note my own urges to advise and not coach.
This call was fantastic, thank you! I loved Sam’s introduction to and definition of supervision: in that it helps the beginner and master coach, increase the moments of mastery. Brilliant!
I will forever continue the process of supervision/mentor coaching in order to continue to be my best self, and best coach for my clients.
Loved learning about super-vision and the difference between that and mentor coaching.
How useful it is to have an observer of the observer!
Excellent learning opportunity
When we hope for but don’t see results in a session, we must remember that the client needs time to reflect. The learning and action most often come after the session.

Read Sam Magills bio       Read Sherryl T. Chrisites bio

Michael Stratford MCC 

Master Certified Transformational & Evolutionary Coach
Bonuses:  Additional 25 minutes of Q&A at the end of the call and a copy of Michael's ebook Masterful Questions: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Coaching Scenario: This client is not in the coaching profession, she's never been coached before and this is the first time she and Michael have ever met or spoken.

Coaching Topic:  She had over 20 years in music industry, moved up to VP of a major label, then there was the economic downturn coupled with the music industry falling apart. She started her own business and is doing well but thinking about her future she’s concerned about whether or not to continue her own small business or focus on a return to a "real" full time desk job. 

MP3 + CCE + Special Bonuses + MMC Nugget-(different ways to get the most out of the calls or any class & apply to your life & business)


OR $47 with the subscription 

Some of the participant take-aways:

This coach was beyond masterful and elegant. He listened so exquisitely, followed the client’s story, asked powerful questions that forwarded the coaching session step by elegant step.” 
“Incredible presence created by Michael’s silences.
I appreciate witnessing Michael have his client give herself a pep talk and examples, giving her back the work she gave him to do, keeping it powerful coaching vs. consulting. He also had an easiness to him; being calm, confident and cheerful, believing in his client and in life.
A very strong reminder to let the client lead and get myself out of the way!
Coach should be comfortable with uncertainty in allowing clients to pursue their own paths forward in coaching relationship
Everything that came out of his mouth in that Q&A was gold
I am going to challenge myself to slow down and pause more.
WOWSA! What real deal mastery looks like.
How 25 minutes of masterful laser coaching can be enough for client to receive a real shift.
The purity of Michael’s coaching, his powerful questioning and his silences.

Read Michael Stratford's bio

Patrick Williams Ed.D, MCC, BCC 

Master Certified Leadership & Executive Coach
Bonus: Compilation of 24 of Pat's Choice Magazing articles


Coaching Scenario: This client is not a coach and this is the first time he and Pat have ever met or spoken. It is also the first time the client has ever been coached.

Coaching Topic: This client is what Pat termed a "social entrepreneur" and had this to say about his business and coaching issue: "Our brand is affordably changing the world through healthcare, footwear, education and recycling programs. I would like to be coached on improving our sales strategies in order to acquire additional wholesale accounts and end-consumers in order to move our business forward."

MP3 + CCE + Special Bonuses + MMC Nugget-(different ways to get the most out of the calls or any class & apply to your life & business)

OR $47 with subscription

This call was prior to their being an ICF form to be filled out so that is why there are no feedback noted.

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