Judith Cohen MCC

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 Judith Cohen MCC   

Judith Cohen, CPCC, MCC, MSW
The Coach's Coach

I’m Judith Cohen MCC and I am a master coach with a passion to help people rewrite their story.
I am by no means a stranger to adversity. With 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist, coach and trainer, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients experiencing a range of challenging situations, from people who’d survived sexual assault to veterans enduring service-related injuries. 

My own experiences in life have challenged me to go beyond my breaking point many times, and they taught me valuable lessons. Those who embrace their situation, no matter how bad, can see opportunity amidst their pain. 

Story-crafting is a formula that helps people consciously construct heroic stories about challenging situations to evoke hope, inspiration and transformation. Yet, creating a new story is not enough. We must repeatedly take actions that support our new stories. If the transformation is to stick, these actions must be witnessed by others who positively reflect back to us our new story.

It took more than one person to get you into this situation and it’s going to take more than one to get you out!

We all have a personal story, a narrative of our life. When I was 29, I had a reasonably happy, normal life. I was a college graduate, had great friends and was thrilled to be living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Then things changed dramatically when I was sexually assaulted at knifepoint in 1980, and later diagnosed with cancer in 1998, the treatment of which left me totally deaf in both ears in 2006.

While “Rape, Cancer, Deaf” is not a story in which most people would like to star as the main character (including me), I used these circumstances as material for a new, better life story…an epic tale of survival, revelation and constant rebirth.

I chose how I defined and reacted to these obviously horrible events.
Rather than become mired in agony, I turned my circumstances into raw material for personal transformation and a new personal life story that became the catalyst for the story-crafting model I’ve developed over the past 30 years. To read Judith's story in depth visit www.coachjudithcohen.com/about/judys-story

Every person has a powerful yearning that is just waiting to be expressed in the world. Every coach yearns to help people express their deepest desires. I live my purpose by training coaches and other helping professionals to hear beyond all the words, the limiting beliefs, and beyond the shame and fear of their clients. I train coaches to unleash their own Soul’s desire to co-create lives of abundance, love and creativity while living with courage, commitment and compassion.

I have been doing this work for the past 33 years, originally as a licensed psychotherapist and then for the past 22 years as Co-Active Coach. After training me, CTI (The Coaches Training Institute) invited me to become a Faculty member in 1996. I received my Master Certified Coach certificate through the International Coach Federation in 1999. I am currently a Senior Faculty member at CTI as well the principal of my international coaching practice. 

I am the founder of The Opportunity Game, fun experiential game guaranteed to change your mind. I am also the co-founder of The Wisdom Tree Academy as well as the co-author of all of our written materials. 


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