Terrie Lupberger MCC

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 Terrie Lupberger MCC   

Terrie Lupberger, MCC
Executive & Corporate Coach

Terrie Lupberger, MCC, is a Senior Executive Coach with 20+ years of organizational experience who works at the intersections of leadership and coaching to elicit the very best – the greatest potentials - from an individual or a team.  Her organization has tested tools, models, and experience to challenge the un-examined assumptions of leadership that don't produce the desired outcomes.  Her best clients are those who realize new thinking and new actions are needed to generate the future they most care about.  They also realize that more of the same is a poor strategy to deal with the future.

Terrie's varied organizational experience combined with her commitment to life-long learning and extensive studies in human development, philosophy, embodied learning and business, have resulted in a unique world view and a multi-disciplinary approach to working with others.  She supports her clients to design and execute successful outcomes while also tending to their personal well-being since both are necessary for a life well lived.

Terrie's clients come from various backgrounds - from Fortune 1000 companies to TED Fellows, Federal leaders, entrepreneurs, and experienced coaches.  Through workshops, speaking, and coaching Terrie brings to them a pragmatic and fresh approach to learning, leadership and coaching that produces transformational results.  

In addition to her talent development work, Terrie teaches coaching at ITS in London and in her own on-line programs. She supervises and mentors new coaches and has been contributing to the development of the coaching profession for more than 15 years. Terrie is a former Board Member of the International Coach Federation and has been assessing coaches through the ICF Credentialing Committee since 2002. She was a co-designer and co-facilitator of the groundbreaking Certified Financial Coach program and is presently a Certified Financial Coach™ and Newfield Certified Ontological Coach™. She designed, managed and co-facilitated coach training programs at George Mason University and Villanova University.

Terrie’s professional career spans 25+ years in various management and leadership positions. Her earlier career was spent working at the Department of the Treasury where she was a senior financial systems analyst and later a manager working to improve national financial reporting systems. Before leaving federal service, Terrie was asked to lead an innovative outplacement program for 800+ federal employees whose jobs were being eliminated. In this role she trained, counseled and coached employees to new, more aligned and fulfilling positions. It was during this time that Terrie recognized her own life’s passion and committed her life’s work to helping people overcome their resistance to change so they could design more satisfying futures for themselves.
Upon leaving Federal service, Terrie became managing partner at a boutique consulting firm that specialized in talent development for IT and financial professionals. She then served as CEO of Newfield Network, Inc., an international consulting and coach training organization, from 1999 - 2007. Under her leadership the company exponentially grew in revenue and size and created new branches in Europe, Canada and Asia.

In 2007, Terrie founded On Her Own Terms, which offers executive coaching, coach training and talent development to individuals and organizations around the world. Her clients have included Intel, Unilever, The Department of Defense, EPA, American Eagle Airlines, TW Telecom, just to name a few. Her work is international and culturally diverse and she has worked to develop talent in over 15 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, Colombia, Chile, UK, Sweden and Hong Kong. Terrie’s specialty is working with women leaders to help them embody a leadership style that fits best for them. She is also a SupporTED coach working with TED Fellows to help them implement their world changing ideas.

Terrie is an author, contributing to two books on coaching, A Coach’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence and The Handbook of Knowledge-Based Coaching. She has written over 15 articles on leadership and team effectiveness for various publications. She is currently writing a book for coaches entitled Coaching Reimagined that challenges coaches to examine their own limiting beliefs and habits so that the work they do with their clients has greater impact for the individuals and the planet.

Terrie has a degree in Business from George Mason University and has completed graduate studies in computer science and philosophy. She has a certificate from a three-year leadership program at the Institute for Generative Leadership and is presently an Advisory Board member of that organization. Terrie is also trained to administer the BarOn™ Emotional Intelligence Survey and OPM Leadership 360.


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